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First GBB Pistol?

After my friend bought his third gbbp, and looking on the internet for one I think its my time to buy my gbbp. I've been looking for awhile now, and its came down to the kwa m9/1911 ptp or the kwa usp. I have been looking on a lot of reviews on the guns and all of them seem to be about the same performance wise. But I have some pros and cons on each of the gun.

Kwa M9: Pros: Lots of information on the internet, mag capacity, looks
Cons: Might shoot to hot for indoor, trigger problem or something,
Kwa 1911: Pros: looks, lots of information on the internet, friends have 1911s
Cons: low mag capacity(big con for me)
kwa usp: Pros: licensed by H&K, more unique, mag capacity
Cons: Discontinued might be hard to find mags, not a lot of information on the internet

I'm leaning towards the usp because I heard nothing but great things about it but I'm asking which gun do you think is the best in your opinion. Also, I might use my pistol as a primary one day if that helps.
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