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I just called the CRA

Ruling is verbal and we would need to write in to get a proper one, which we are going to do:

Regardless of province of operation all business must collect federal taxes. ONTARIO is the example company's home province here

1 - If the purchaser province is same as company: Charge HST on product and HST on shipping

2 - If the purchaser province is GST+PST: - Charge GST on product and GST on shipping

3 -If purchaser province is HST - HST on purchase, HST on shipping

We must ALWAYS remit Federal tax, and provincial tax in the province we operate in. Hence the GST on shipping, even though we ship to another province, the SERVICE is in Ontario. Ontario shipments get HST.

HST is a COMBINED FEDERAL TAX and is REMITTED as such via your GST number with CRA. You don't collect PST as you can't (you could but no one does this) remit taxes to each individual non-HST province as you would have to have a provincial tax number in each province to do this (READ PITA).

Clear as mud?

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