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From what it looks like, Cybergun and TM are partnered on their line of guns. It seams that Cybergun is merely re-marketing AEG TM guns under their name. Even rumors suggest joint operations between ICS and Cybergun for a new line of armalites, go HERE for information. This is not the case for springers, the springers look like crap, but the AEG's seem to be TM or at least exact ripoffs.

Lets look at the evidence: go HERE and check out the Cybergun stats on a FAMAS, an EG-560 Motor? That sounds pretty TM to me... Even the provided technical diagrams are exactly the same, Cyber gun just took the TM gun diagram and spread the parts out. Goto HERE for Cybergun FAMAS tech. and goto HERE for the TM tech. manual. Look at the included picture to see a direct comparison. Of course, BOTH technical diagrams are also in Japanese...

I could be wrong. Cybergun could have bought access to the TM molds, electronics, and technical data and made their own guns... If someone has any information that can affirm or counter this, it would be appreciated, because if BrassEagle/Cybergun is merely importing TM guns to Canada, then I support this. What I don't support is selling them in Walmart or Canadian Tire, because everyone is right, these should not be sold to parents of minors in an easily accessible box store setting with no responsibility.
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