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Ladies and Gentelmen a miracle has occured.

I actually had GREAT service from Canada Post today.

I will say that again, I had GREAT service from CP.

I had an issue with my address on a package and the address I had it sent to is a temporary apartment I am living in so I don't have ID with this address on it. So currently, they didn't leave a card since there was an issue with the address (missing apt number which was my fault) Instead of returning it to the sender (which they have done to me before even though the CORRECT address was on it), they are having it held at a post office for me to pick up and informed the supervisor there I will be getting it and I don't have an ID with the right address.

They were actually very polite and curteous and helpful. I was shocked and amazed. Normally I would have a problem like this and it's a tough shit it's getting returned, NOT THIS TIME!!!!
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