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I've seen the following in person; that one off crappy Chinese clone preforming uncharacteristically well, but will eventually explode because it's cheap crap. I've also seen the clone that was so upgraded that there was almost nothing clone left on it. Sadly either gun never truly reaches the potential of the real thing, and people should never suggest going down this path just so they feel like they are the only idiots who did, and either got lucky, or more likely are lying and/or completely oblivious to what their guns can actually do.
Exactly the kind of answer that I used to see...This was obviously aimed at what I wrote, exactly the kind of reply that I was talking about and you fell right in the stereotype, proning that only original gun are good and clones even upgraded are utter garbage.

So from what you say, clones are crap and no matter what, it will explode one day and it is only good for those who play 3 times in a year. some news for you, my TSD I have it since more than 3 years going on 4 and I have played a good 30 games in all kind of weather conditions with it, still going strong and we are far from 3 games a year.

I am not someone who's particularly found on clones. Actually the only clones I have are my tsd and my tri shot shottie (marui clone) the rest are Marui pistols, so I am far from the guy who only buy cheap stuff.

What baffles me, is that you are mentionning that even if you replace everything in a clone by upgrading it with parts like PDI, Laylax, Modify and what not, it is impossible that you get the same accuracy and range as the real deal?

So the outershell of your original Maruzen Type 96 will help you get a better gun and a Well L96 will never be able to achieve the same results because of it's outer shell and bolt handle and cylinder?

For me I prefer having the 300-400$ difference in my bank account than in an original rifle that has the same exact upgrade parts that I have in my clone.

Lastly, I am not oblivious to what my rifle can do, I perfectly know what it can do and I compare it to original Marui and Maruzen rifle of other fellow airsoft player. And for the liar part, well post in the Quebec team section and ask what my rifle can do, if I am lying or not and if I have to aim at 45 degree to outrange a Marui rifle. Go ahead you'll see!

If you want to pay the big bucks and you have the budget or your prority in life allows you to do it go ahead, it is just not true that only original rifle will be able to perform well, even when you have upgraded almost everything in your clone a thing that you will do anyway on the original rifle. For me it gives me the same and even better results than with an original rifle at the fraction of the cost. I am sure if it works for me it can work for other airsoft player and I know that it does the job for other players too.

Let people choose simple as that!

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