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I'd wanna see this. Get one guy to grab his PDW and shoot a target 5 times 100YDs away and then get a cheap springer with some ups and do the same.

If the springer or a lower quality AEG can hit the target with near same accuracy as the PDW, then whatever. I know about all this mechanical stuff with tolerances and machining and quality of the parts etc.

But when it comes down to it performance is what matters, if Quattro can hit a target with the same accuracy after spending 300 compared to a guy using a 1500$ plus upgraded AEG why not! This is the consumers market, some guy from china makes me something at half price from what I would normally pay I owe it to my bank account to at least look into it.

That's what people do, I know the whole but cheap buy twice stuff, but I've bought everything I have pretty cheap, and I have yet to buy twice, because I do my research and get lucky not to get a lemon!!!
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