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Distance and FPS are relatively easy to attain out of a 6mm BB. Hell, I'll bet I can out shoot a BA with a sling shot. Can you get lucky and attain the same accuracy out of a complete piece of shit like any TSD gun? Yes you can. Will this anomaly last? No, not likely. Quality, engineering, functionality, reliability etc, always play a part when seriously looking into buying an airsoft platform. Are you playing three times a year with your friends and their cheap, clear-soft, craptacular guns? Then a TSD sniper might be worth your time, but you'll like end up buying a cheap, clear-soft gun for that added reliability and fun factor. Are you wanting to play competitively against players who spend their money on precision instruments, training platforms, and all the high quality upgrades? Then you'll need to follow suit as well.

I've seen the following in person; that one off crappy Chinese clone preforming uncharacteristically well, but will eventually explode because it's cheap crap. I've also seen the clone that was so upgraded that there was almost nothing clone left on it. Sadly either gun never truly reaches the potential of the real thing, and people should never suggest going down this path just so they feel like they are the only idiots who did, and either got lucky, or more likely are lying and/or completely oblivious to what their guns can actually do.

There is a good path for you despite all this. The Classic Army M24 is a decent substitute to the Marui VSR or Maruzen APS-II platforms, and can be found in the $300.00-ish range (give or take) within Canada. However it is still a sniper platform, and will take extra money to properlly upgrade, maintain, and tune to keep it field worthy, often in the hundreds of dollars or more. If you get age verified, we'll even tell you where to get one, and there is likely a thread on how to upgrade it properlly.

Just don't end up one of those guys with a TSD and a tight-bore, aiming your gun into the air at a 45•, and claiming it shoots as far as a properly tuned Marui, when the real thing can pick off coins at distance.

By the way, even with a high end and properly upgraded sniper rifle 99.9% of new players find it boring and extremely frusterating, and end up selling their sniper for a loss. About 40% of those are so turned off after, they end up quitting airsoft all together.


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