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It seems also that clones VSR-10 are worse then clone type/L96 like TSD and Well in terms of performance after upgrades, I know quite a lot of people with upgraded Well L96 that have nothing to envy to a Maruzen.

The main reason for me in going with a clone rifle was that, even with a genuine Maruzen Type 96, I would have upgraded all the internals anyways.

My Tsd/Well L96 cost me 125$ brand new, ordered from Evike. All the upgrades costed me 300$. So final price was with shipping and all, around 480$. At that price I would have had only a stock Maruzen.

To me it made no sense at all in having spent 480$ in a stock Maruzen and paying another 300$ for the upgrdades. When I knew that the only difference was the body (albeit of better quality that of the Well, but not enough to justify the 330$ price increase.) Anyway in the end, the only thing left from the clone would have been the bolt handle, and the cylinder. The Maruzen stock parts regrding those 2 things are not better than a clone one.

I had also another friend who had a maruzen with some upgrades (not fully upgraded), raising it's cost of acquisition to 600$. It was not even comparable in terms of reliability, range and accuracy to my TSD L96 fully upgraded for $480.

It seems also that there is people that I have met or read on this forum, that they are just pissed. They have spent 850$ on a rifle that is not shooting better than a fully upgraded clone (talking about L96 clones here I have no experience with VSR-10 clones) and would have costed them a fraction of the price. They keep on bashing that Well L96 are utter garbage bla bla bla, that they have bought the real deal and that is the way to go bla bla bla. I was seeing alot of that back 3 years ago on this forum...

You know what...I told myself screw them...I am replacing everything anyway, I would be dumb to pay for the real deal, if I am not keeping any original internal parts. Never regretted my decision and if my L96 break one day I am gonna buy another Well L96 and transfer all the upgraded parts in the new one. But so far that sniper is a killing machine!

if you go clone, you upgrade everything internally or you go home. There is no in between, clones in their stock form are simply a waste of money.
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