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Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
And I'm not wrong. Sure mabe with you're 700$ rifle the consistency of shot after shot will be slightly improved but a bb traveling at the same fps will shoot just as far.
No, it won't necessarily travel as far.
Because many of us have seen 360fps guns out range 470fps guns.
100fps is not, by any means, a small difference.
And a hop-modded PTW will always have better accuracy than a fully upgraded AEG. That specifically has to do with how the air nozzle functions.

I've personally seen a stock (reshimmed) G&P M16A3 go through at least 300,000 rounds of heavy abuse without failing internally. But I don't go telling people to buy G&P because it CAN last tens of thousands of rounds stock. On average, G&P's typically don't last more than a game if they're not shimmed out of the box, and the pistons tend to fail in less than a season.
I've seen upgraded G&P's that shot like lasers, and upgraded G&Ps that have horrible demon problems and never shoot right.
And particularly when it comes to sniper rifles, there's a lot of people in the past who have tried to upgrade inexpensive clone rifles, and could just never produce the performance of the brand name rifles because of tolerance problems in the main components.

So just because YOUR tsd shoots really good, doesn't mean EVERY tsd is going to shoot good. And the collective experience of the members here state that TSD in general is not very good.
So is it possible for a $200 rifle, with a $20 hop rubber and $100 barrel to shoot as good as a $900 upgraded marui VSR-10? Yes
But the chance you take with a cheaper rifle is that it will be a demon gun that can never reach that kind of performance.
(I recall having this exact same argument with a dozen noobs when chinasoft AEG's hit the market lol)

It also seems that your argument is based on your one rifle. How many clone guns have you upgraded to shoot great? And what is your basis of comparison to say they are shooting great?
Don't feel that I'm attacking your credibility, my interest is to teach & inform, not to point and laugh.

Like I said, back in the day the average range here was like 80ft. So "great range" to us 6 years ago was only 120ft lol
Tamiya connectors suck.
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