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Background information:

Often when I post a game, I will post background information , or a back story to establish context for the game. This can go a long way to helping players see where they fit in the larger picture.

I will often spend hours writing the story, and post it bit by bit as the game approaches. This keeps people coming back to the game thread and increases the chance that the players will know what is supposed to happen on game day.

I will often seed the story with key intelligence that will really help on game day if you pay attention and remember.

Case in point at Hotbox I had written a detailed narrative introducing the key players and Factions. The narrative was riddled with clues and hints that would have very real game day effects of they were paid attention to.

Hotbox had a game in game element .. there was a "seal team" deployed for a very specific mission that was to be an In and Out operation. The codeword that would identify them as friendly had been written in to the narrative. On game day one of the Faction leaders remembered the Codeword and the story and used it at exactly the right moment.. Instead of a firefight there was a very cool role play opportunity, and the "Seal team" was able to achieve it's mission without firing a shot. A perfect outcome.

When stuff like this works.. it is really satisfying as a game host.

On another note re Hotbox, I actually had 2 game in game elements going in that game.. There was a another unit deployed, they were there doing mostly night ops training but had freedom to interact with the game as they saw fit.. They ended up linking up with the "SEAL Team" and causing some mayhem before fading back into the night.
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