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Originally Posted by Danke View Post

I have a plan this spring for a day’s game. Once again, it’ll be a game with particular objectives and a back story. I am going to only hand out one objective at a time.

So instead of “Go to the woods, set up and secure a base, send out patrols, find the down aircraft and rescue the pilot, engage the rebel patrols, capture the rebel leader, find the dirty suitcase bomb, kill the bomb maker, recover the intel, rescue the princess, escort her to your base, call for an extraction, fight your way to your alternate, and so on” they will be told to got setup a secure base and that’s all. Once they do that they learn the next objective, and so on.

This is exactly what I am talking about when I mentioned "mission based" objectives. And placing Game control at the top of the chain of command

Often this is how I approach games when I am running them..

1st objective, Recce location for base. once that is achieved.. then we move on from there.

and it has the effect you indicated, it keeps everyone on task and keeps things from flying apart.

Also the " what the fuck is that" effect of finding something that looks important but you have no idea why is eliminated when all props or physical objectives are composed of either Lives in the form of more kill cards or Ammo. Everyone knows what they are useful for.
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