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Having built guns both on clone and quality platforms, there is certainly a difference.

TSD VSR-10's cylinder dimensions vary, some are tighter, some are loose. For the life of me I could not get a proper or consistent compression from the gun using the stock cylinder or hopup unit. You will get 'reasonable' accuracy, but nothing that an AEG can't do without similar upgrading. It makes the rifle somewhat redundant. And for the price of upgrading to a better cylinder, you would have spent enough to have just bought a proper base gun in the first place.

I'm currently in the middle of building a proper, TM based VSR with laylax internals. I'm just waiting on my tightbore to arrive. I'm still using the stock cylinder and hopup unit with everything else properly upgraded, installed and tuned. The accuracy and range i'm getting out of this is a lot more satisfying than the equivalent on a TSD base. No problems at all.

Consistency out of a rifle is very important. I want to be sure when I pull that trigger, that the BB will go where I want it. No fliers, nothing else.

Using a TSD, if you plan on replacing 'EVERYTHING' is alright. But I'll find clone guns, stock aside from minor fixes to be lacking.

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