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Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
Some people make me wonder. A cheap gun shooting at 450fps with the hop up tuned correctly, will shoot just as far as an expensive tm rifle at the same speed. There guns don't deny the laws of physics! There the same guys that will tell you that there 2000$ guns are the best thing they have ever bought. And everything else is a p.o.s.
FPS is not the standard used to determine range.
It's proven fact that because of varying quality of internals, a 360fps aeg can out range a 470fps sniper rifle.

The problem with everyone wanting to be a sniper is not neccesarilly the platform, but the person.
Do you have any idea how incredibly useless most snipers are in airsoft?
Its one of those things you can't be good at unless you're REALLY good at it. Everyone else just makes for easy targets.
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