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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Two things that make a huge difference, is to enforce the rules (always stick to your guns), and people make the game. Don't hang on to bad apples, trouble makers, or rule breakers; if you can't play fair and maintain sportsmanship, you don't belong on an airsoft field.

Realistically it all comes down to people. The first game I designed and hosted was a very dynamic and objective based 24 hour simulation. There were a few holes in my planning, and a few contingencies that were not planned for. We never ran into a big issue though because the players adapted and kept her rolling on.
+1 for this.

I had a few games where things did not go perfect. A simple radio of to the other side and we went to side frequency-game back on side.

Same for a game we had on the hottest day of the year last summer. One force was in the shade in the woods, the other was baking in the sun. After 20 min of that we radio'd both sides as the end of that would have been hospital time.

All about the guys, but I am saying that as we are a field that is FILTERED. Applying stuff like this will be easier for us as guys are coming aren't expecting to be "served". They in fact are looking to help and do their part in whatever way possible. Small or big.

But hands down this is the most helpful informative write up I have seen.

Going to be reading this one a few times over the coming weeks.

Thank you Brian.

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