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Wow that was quite a read.

Personally, I started playing when I was in high school, maybe around 16 years old. My first "AEG" was a Firepower M4 A1 Clear Airsoft Rifle. A real piece of shit that lasted one "battle". After that I started looking around online for info on "softair" and discovered ASC. I read about the rules, and learned that 17- were not that welcomed. I still wanted to play, tho. So I got myself a Aftermath Kraken AK-47 and kept playing with friends in their back yards. I also started thinking of myself as "more mature" because I had read a lot online.

But jesus, I would never play with my past self. Safety and maturity is easy to have in theory, but put that "firearm" in someone's arms and it all flies away.

That was 3 years ago, and now that I'm on my own and settled I'm looking forward to getting back into airsoft. And properly, this time.

For those around here under 17 saying you are mature enough, I doubt your claims.
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