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Originally Posted by redzaku View Post
first get age verified
and where online? if its out of Canada, don't
also in my opinion, i'd go with TM but maybe with KWA as well
Thanks for the quick replies homeys, most appreciated! .
No no, it's a 100% Canadian website named in this forum several times. I know about the numerous issues with ordering airsoft guns from foreign shops and I'll stay away from this kind of trouble, I don't want to pay for a gun that's not gonna be good, let alone one that's not even likely to pass the border! I just turned 18... Twenty years ago! But I haven't been age verified yet, I still have to get that done.
I guess I'll check out the ads section as soon as I'm allowed to and will go from there then. More value there for my money you said? 240$ IS expensive for a clear frame TM Glock 17 I guess... + the price of the opaque frame if I wanna buy one... Aside from being ugly, are the clear ones more fragile than the opaque ones by the way?

About my budget (sorry I didn't precise) I'd like to spend around 200 bucks for the gun itself give or take, up to 250$ or something maybe, if I know I'm paying extra to get a good quality reliable handgun. Not having to spend another 250$ for spare mags would be nice if realistic. I don't mind having to pay a bit down the road to maintain it (reasonable wear and tear) or upgrade it.
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