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Originally Posted by AlexBisnett View Post
So ive already got a jg m16 that i enjoy quite a bit and was thinking about upgrading it and making it better. Someone i know is selling there tsd l96 sniper with and upgraded plastic trigger box to a metal one and also an upgraded bolt. comes with a bipod and 3-9x40 scope.

Now i posted before wanting a sniper and alot of people ripped me apart saying how a sniper is a bad choice for a first gun, without putting a ton of money into a good starter sniper. But im really thinking about picking this up for $250.

Are they really not worth getting unless you put a ton of money into them?
Whats your opinion on the gun?
I do have a tsd l96 myself, but the only stock part left is the main body and cylinder + bolt handle and end cap. Everything else has been upgraded.

No real expensive upgrades besides the pdi hop-up chamber which is the most crucial part.

The upgrade that you are mentionning above are not significant upgrades and will not change the performance of your rifle. I have the metal trigger assembly on mine too, it is good to have but will not give you a better performing bolt.

You do not need to dump alot of money on your bolt to make it a good bolt, get a good 6.03, 6.05 TB barrel (madbull are enough, no need to pay more than that) the pdi-hop up chamber is a must and will make a big impact on the performance of your gun, good hop-up rubber like the pdi w, plus a piston and piston head from modify (look at and you are all set (a good scope like the Bushnell trophy series with a good eye relief is a must too). I have this set-up and the number of kills that I have racked up with that bolt is impressive to say the least (lots of people can testify to that on this forum)

No need for expensive pdi and laylax upgrades all the way. But you need to invest a minimum. My stock tsd l96 was less accurate than a pistol at 60-70 feet, it was utter garbage. If you get a clone you need to upgrade it right away, no choice. If you get an original one you can keep the stock configuration for a little longer.

Bottom line, if you were thinking of buying that bolt action and not do any upgrades to it, well your throwing your money away, simple as that. You will have no fun, and you will get owned/countersniped against everything save a springer pistol!
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