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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
Oh my god!

It's alive...We all thought you were dead in a Bangkok gutter or something.
Geez, you do a little blow and your heart stops and people declare you legally dead for 3 minutes. Best Bangkok gogo dancer bar ever, had all you could eat curry.

Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
Some people make me wonder. A cheap gun shooting at 450fps with the hop up tuned correctly, will shoot just as far as an expensive tm rifle at the same speed. There guns don't deny the laws of physics! There the same guys that will tell you that there 2000$ guns are the best thing they have ever bought. And everything else is a p.o.s.
I do agree with you on some parts. I would like to present the Echo 1 M28 platform as an example for my thoughts in regards to your statement. While it does perform admirably, its internals leave a little bit to be desired for. The internals Im referring to in question actually have nothing to do with the FPS at all, more so in the mechanics. Running the M28 stock with a high FPS will wear down the piston/sear set very quickly leading to slam fires. Upgrade parts are available but they are costly and somewhat rarer than usual do to the proprietary piston. However, with a classic army M24 you could throw a heavier spring in there and use it without too much worry in regards to heavy wear.

Externally speaking the feel of both platforms is fantastic, good weight, finish and all that jazz. When stacked against a lower end VSR you can really feel and physically see the differences in quality.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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