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What I learned here is I can now go with a GBBR as a first weapon ever in airsoft. Not that I'll automatically go with GBBR but now thinking about it. Thanks to this thread.

Always wonder why everyone say go with an AEG and then improve and gradually go to Gas. From my point of view, both are completely different and both have simple and complex parts. Taking experience from AEG and then going to gas. WHY? It's a new beginning.

I have a +10 years experience with production, R&D, custom projects in electronics and I play soldering iron like Jimi Hendrix plays guitar (I mean, I'm left handed). Some of my solders still in use at NASA, USAF an CF. So for wiring, connections, mosfets, no problems.
I have a 5-6 years of RC car racing in clubs and competitions so for me brushed motors are thing of the past but I played with everything inside them. Modifications to timing, windings, placement of magnet inside...Break-in of the brushes in water/alcool/etc...
Went brushless a while ago.
I know more than 95% of people about battery chemistry, charging/discharging/storing and using them of course so an AEG was the natural way to go fo me since I know a lot about some parts, shimmings, fittings, playing with small gears etc...

I can't buy an AEG and not opening it the same day to see whats inside and cleaning, lubing, shimming and improving the insides the following days and I'll probably succeed because before to do so, I'll take the time to find tutorials, exploded diagrams and find as many infos as I can and I'll use quality tools to not strip every screws. I'm not a kid that want to shoot with the highest FPS possible withour considering the impact on all other parts involve with a spring swap. I'll do about the same with an GBBR or GBBP.

I found here pretty much all the pro's about GBBR/P in a very short thread. Thanks to all the contributors.

What I retain the most is: bang! Bang! instead of mrrrrzip! mrrrrzip! and thats what is more tempting for me to buy.

Both have equal pros and cons and can take advantage of specific situations but in the end it is a matter of personnal preferences and personnals skills for the maintenance and fixes. The ''go with an AEG for a first weapon'' really takes is place after asking few questions about the person and what kind of game he wants to play and what he likes and after couples of key questions he will answer by himself to the question.

So, I'll go with both! an AEG and GBB. Looks to be the best of both world

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