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Very nice notes, than you.

I'd add that some of the best games are small in numbers, simple in purpose and free flowing. The generalities you describe set a solid foundation for it to go off point being that a really intense game doesn't have to be complicated or wrapped layers upon layers of backstory and plot lines.

Combat of the 30 may or may not be a milsim in purist form, but it's one of the best games of the year around here. Rules, objectives, etc haven't changed for several years but the intensity is still very high each time.

Recently the capture rules have been such that all captures end up being returned to game control. Deadfall 2 was a good example of that. I felt that worked very well and added a level of resource management that wasn't there before.

Another "ploy" that has worked in the past to keep game flow flowing and resources where they need to be is the use of "partisans" or some non-committed players. That could be just yourself as game control...or at times the others who may be helping you run the game. They can be temporarily attached to whichever side needs some information/ammo/reinforcements....then removed when not needed. At any one of Brian's games its not uncommon to suddenly see him either shooting alongside of you....or shooting at you...sometime during the game. Snatch and Grab made excellent use of partisans. Shame there hasn't been a SnG 2.

At any rate...thanks for putting the notes to print and the many games over the years.
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