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BloodSport, Deadpool & J-Man19: Thx for the infos.

Freakonleash: Exact, that's why you can see the message "Content not available in your language"

You took time to test "Airsoft Source Beta", you're an excellent tester, your remarks are very useful, and deserve answers.

-there's a decimal point missing - Some manufacturer decide to change the android keyboard -> Link
-the charger alarm doesn't work properly - Can you give us more informations
-there are no options, it just brings up the version (or is viewing the current version an 'option'?) - Beta version
-I dont know what Batiments and Outer is (touching yourself ourdoors?) - CQB & Outdoor
-No option to convert to English - Beta version
-What is a tapis de sol et serviette? - Beta version
-The 'Notes' section seems to freeze on both my Samgung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S along with my wife's HTC phone - Can you give us more informations, do you have time to create a note before the app freeze?
-'Rules & "Advices" is not available in English - Beta version
-No credit is given to the creators of the hand-signals, thus you personally can be slapped in the face with a copyright violation lawsuit and have your app pulled off of the app store, should someone wish to confront you - I've already done research about these illustrations and nobody know who is the real owner, isn't an army, swat, magazine or other.
-The glossary is also not in English - Beta version
-No option for changing things from french to English - Beta version
+The alphabet is a nice thing to add in - Thanks!

That's more easy to make corrections on app in "Beta version" than when it became bigger.
I will send you an mail when next version is put on the Play Store.
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