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Originally Posted by AlexBisnett View Post
So ive already got a jg m16 that i enjoy quite a bit and was thinking about upgrading it and making it better. Someone i know is selling there tsd l96 sniper with and upgraded plastic trigger box to a metal one and also an upgraded bolt. comes with a bipod and 3-9x40 scope.

Now i posted before wanting a sniper and alot of people ripped me apart saying how a sniper is a bad choice for a first gun, without putting a ton of money into a good starter sniper. But im really thinking about picking this up for $250.

Are they really not worth getting unless you put a ton of money into them?
Whats your opinion on the gun?
The role of a person running a bolt action is not as glorious as it seems. Often it can be amazingly slow paced and sometimes boring, well as boring as you are willing to make it. It can be equally fun and exciting if you let it.

Perhaps contact this person who is selling said rifle and maybe toss them 25 dollars to "rent it out" for a game to see if you like the play style. At least that way you will know if its something that you will enjoy or even use, before committing to something only to have it rot away in your closet in the basement untouched and unloved....much like that tread mill I bought that sits collecting dust in the corner of my basement.

The play style is considerably different, you have to be incredibly adaptive and observant. You will have slightly more range on your targets than some however with upgrades these days you could very well be just as equally matched or even outmatched by someone with an AEG or bolt action. The airsoft gun itself is only a part of the equation. Although it does factor significantly. A lower end product may not perform as well and you may not find it as aesthetically pleasing due to its lower tolerances in comparison to a higher end product. This differences could leave a sour taste in your mouth.

At $250.00CAD that seems a like a minor commitment ( it could be extravagant or modest. I have no idea what your income is), although it does have upgrades. Although you didnt state the brand of upgrades so I cannot comment on that.

One things for certain though, you draw fire like you wouldnt believe. Most people perceive people with bolt action rifles to be a threat. You will get peppered, it will suck...a lot. That is part of the game though.

To summarize my long winded post. Try it, then buy it, but only if you like it.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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