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Originally Posted by redzaku View Post
that is pretty awesome to see, i am interested in the Scar-L, hopefully the quality would be very good
but unfortunately, i have to hijack this for a few, SRC FN Five-SeveN, shooting 350 fps, finally a Five-SeveN that could be imported into Canada, readily
sorry for the highjack
Sweet !

No, the whole point is to post the news here, sorta like the WW2 new releases thread that's been running on for a few years now.

I'm curious how the hell WE is gonna get the licensing sorted since there are already too many licensed cyber gun SCAR's on the market. We all know what happened to Echo 1 in shot show right? And to make matters worse cybergun has halted projects from WE before. Yes Im talking about the P90 gbb :/

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