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If you play with a group who's motto is "Hosing is the dance of my people" they may not be the best choice.

If you're broke and need to borrow 75 cents to buy BBs before a game they may not be the best choice.

If you're a bit seasoned and it bugs you when you have a battery wire break on the field as you unpack and as you discover the wire had been disconnected and the battery didn't take a charge so soldering won't save your day and then you proceed to have the connectors fall of your motor and the when you get that on you strip a pinion gear and so on you might be ready for gas. Or when four people you're playing with drop out because each has one of those failures on their AEG.

All the key parts on a gas gun can be fixed or swapped on the field. The most common point of failure is the magazines so with spares of those when one goes down keep you in the action.

You can tune a GBBR to be as accurate and far reaching as an AEG. You do loose out on the opportunity dump a 500 round high cap on someone but since most of the seasoned players will have moved past that style of play it's no great loss.
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