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Regarding the app...
-there's a decimal point missing
-the charger alarm doesn't work properly
-there are no options, it just brings up the version (or is viewing the current version an 'option'?)
-I dont know what Batiments and Outer is (touching yourself ourdoors?)
-No option to convert to English
-What is a tapis de sol et serviette?
-The 'Notes' section seems to freeze on both my Samgung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S along with my wife's HTC phone
-'Rules & "Advices" is not available in English
-No credit is given to the creators of the hand-signals, thus you personally can be slapped in the face with a copyright violation lawsuit and have your app pulled off of the app store, should someone wish to confront you
-The glossary is also not in English
-No option for changing things from french to English.
+The alphabet is a nice thing to add in

So to sum up, as they say on the App Store.... Uninstalled.
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