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Originally Posted by Enjoi View Post
Perhaps I`m missing something here or just un-educated...regarding pricing...I`m seeing Some Systema`s for $1500-$2080 BNIB. And these are MSRP less than $2000.... Why am I so confused here after reading some of the comments saying this would be a good idea "pricewise"?
Well, you get a rail on the FCC, so add $200

I am not sure if this version of body is on par quailty-wise with the CNCd version FCC makes. But if it is, add another $200. If it a cast alloy, then cost wise is the same.

I would expect 2013 Systema to be $2000, and not any less, in Canada, so product to product they are very close. Used or previous model years can be all over the place. I don't trust BNIB in the classifieds. Some guys say BNIB and it really means that they used it for a few games, but didn't beat it up or break it. Not the same thing.
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