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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Let us just be clear here folks, FCC is really not cheaper than Systema, don't be fooled yet by the hype. And no, they are not "more reliable", I have seen failures of their core components as well.

They have some innovations in material, and yes, they bring some products out as features that Systema could have done, had they not been in Japan.

But when $2000 for a Systema causes you to "pass", but when it is an FCC, you are interested, well, clearly, you don't know the platform.

Currently, for reliability, I will take an FCC body with Systema internals, and an armature from Tony with my own hopup.

Sorry, Jay, I am calling it as I see it.
You may have some great luck with your PTW but the last time I checked Brad I had to literally begged for parts within this board to get my $2K plus toy gun working again and only to have it failed even the 2012 that I got from DTT, even Tony's modded gun have failed in my hand lucky for me he responds a whole hell lot faster than Systema or Zshot. FCC however have never failed me yet 50K in bbs shot from one AEG not one single failure yet, losing my new 416 in deep wet snow, still working I can't say the same for my Systema in fact the only one I have left is their TW5 which by the way are far more reliable than their M4 series. FCC have their faults I'm not saying that they are fault proof but their after sales support and their willingness to acknowledge faulty parts are unbelieveable, you should know how many burned out faulty motors hav ecoem across your bench? probably too many to count, I came across two motors and each one was replaced no question asked. Like you I call it the way I see it too.

*edit* Also I'm forgetting to state that from a company that was started by players in 2008 to have gone as far as they have become now is a quite amazing, do they have things to improve on? hell yes its the future of what is coming out from this little company that peaked my interest and from personal experience I have nothing but good experience from them and this is coming from huge systema fan and user since they started their AEG line with Marui. For the general masses without the know how to or the means to fix their PTW issue, they are teh best one in the market right now hands down.

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