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I just read further in to that. And it has to do with importing fire arms. Very interesting. So in Canada where do airsoft guns fall? Are they fire arms if they shoot above 366? Or does this not apply.
It can look and feel real as all hell so long as it had a velocity ABOVE 366fps and below 500 it will be considered an "uncontrolled firearm" uncontrolled meaning no special license is needed to import transport or posses it. Yes its confusing as all hell the wording is all messed up you gotta reffer to diferent definitions and sections of the memorandum to fully understand it but the breakdown is above 366 below 500 clear to import. Just be sure the fps is clearly labled on the box and if you like to make it simpler quoate the memorandum section that states the part about the 366 fps have the retailer thest the gun and include the fps on the document and affix it to the outside of the box. If you buy say a TM and have it upgraded for import do the same but re word it something to the effect. This airsoft gun has been pre uograded fo the canadian market to meet the requirements in memorandum...blah blah the tested fps is. ..blah blah. And youll will be good.

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