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So lemme see if i got this right.
This is efectively a PTW but with all the FCC goodies that make FC custom PTW's "beter,faster,stronger" then stock ptw's and half the cost?
If this is the case well damn looks like its finnaly time for me to get a "TW"
Cpl questions tho. The electronics, how water resistant are they. I know ptw electrics fizzle out often due to moisture but also heard the fcc replacements are prety water resistant will this be the case with these?
Are the markings final or will they maybe change the disign (mostly the "multi")
Lastly what are the chances of a "416" type i dont expect hk trades or amything just the frontset/upper.
I dont mind m4's but i love me some 416's.

In closing thanks FCC for bringing the "TW" to the average guy with im surd the quality we have come to expect from FC Customs at an afordable price for poor fellas like myself.
I always knew the systema stuff was way over priced, now we can see that it is lol
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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