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Their "quality" is top notch as far as tolerences and the like but the "strength" is a lil low due to their fps laws and such sort of like their metal bodies they are near perfect in fit and finnish bit the strength leaves a lil to be desired.
Ill use the example of the spring guide in a vsr10 i got a vsr pre upgraded for import to 400fps and the retailer tested it for me. The seccond shot the guide snapped in half 389fps to be exact.
To compare i ran a tsd sd700 (vsr clone) at 512fps on the stock spring guide for 4 years without issue tho the tm one looks nicer (has a smoother whiter finish to it) the yellowish rough feeling tsd one was far stronger for low fps say sub 320 id say tm parts all the way otherwise u beter swap gears and pistons out of a tm for 350plus and save havin to open the gearbox twice.
But im sure you alrdy knew that Aqua lol
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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