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From what the different picture I saw, I think I have expensive taste... minigun, browning 1919,...

So I was thinking of ''making one''. Or more exactly, building around a existing frame.

What would be a good base to start?
-m4 : lots of available parts
-m249: already the right type of weapon

the m249 gearbox look a lot simpler to work, compare to my v3 (no trigger in the ways, removable ''tension spring''). Have'nt see how the gear stop turning in the right position (in v3 the trigger is deactivated when the knob on the ''piston'' gear it the ''trigger mechanism'') so the piston is at is most forward position.

From what I saw (youtube video...) it used all the same internal parts (same gears, piston,...).

any suggestion?
ps sorry for all the bad technical term, I should get better soon
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