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UPDATE: Was rummaging through an old box of my various 'nick-nacks' aka junk box XD and found an old remote line that I recalled the ASA didn't work but the cable itself did, so I don't have to muck up my good remote And on top of that, I also found a regulator in the box from an old pb gun. I have no clue what marker, it was given to me by the field owner YEARS ago because the gun itself was broken and missing parts, but the regulator worked fine.

It has a gauge on it, 0-300 psi. Not as accurate as a 0-200 psi I know, but presuming this works, I may have just saved myself time and money lol I'll post pictures of it later and see if anyone knows what it is lol.

Either way, I'm going to take it in and get it looked at by the pros to make sure it IS in working condition.
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