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Originally Posted by dwj View Post
Hello group.

59 year old newby here. yes 59. I like the airsoft for their workmanship. I'm not a gamer. I'm in the Vancouver area and I'm having trouble tracking down an age verifier allthough at 59 years old I find it a bit silly but rules are rules. Can anyone direct me to an age verifier out here in Vancouver? The ones on the list don't answer email inquiries.

Looking forward to getting age verified.

Thank you


As they are specialty, fairly rare items - the price is fairly high and it may make more sense to go the domestic retail route (do NOT try to import one of these, it likely will be seized by Customs).

There is at least one advertising retailer that does have a king-arms poly-stock black version listed on their site.

As you said - rules are rules. I'm 45 and physically disabled (relatively speaking) - but for purposes of acquiring these realistic non-restricted firearms for display purposes, or actually gaming them - it's all a lot of fun - if expensive. I'd suggest giving gaming a try at least a time or two - it's definitely a lot of fun.

Good luck to you.

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