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Since it only accompanies me to local games my credentials aren't under scrutiny, its perfectly fine for me to run it without my BA certs. I've never had a complaint and don't see one in the near future either. And anyways at any big game the gas BA are a no go unless your known to the hosts which is fine, I'm not much of a sniper I prefer my PTW anyways.

I've never had a complaint and have no plans to put myself in a position for a complaint if I'm running my BA hot I'm playing with guys that A: know me, B: usually are running hot guns too. C: itsa invite only.

I never stated it was a difficult pull as my VSR was only shooting 390 ish, so it wouldn't have an MED. The pull was light and quick, but was still not a no resistance pull like the gas.

Your right most would veto a hot gun, myself included, I don't even like it when hosts make allowances for known players.
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