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He's out your way (I think...or at least he used to be) might be able to drop in the store and pick it all up.

Basically the Puxing/Wuxing...and many of the *xing clones are all the same radio. There's minor chip differences but they're all essentially clones of a Kenwood radio.

The Puxing 888 is a dual channel...the 777 is a single channel. The dual channel is convenient since you can hear two channels at once and speak on one of them. Handy for listening to Game Control and still Rx/Tx on your team channel.

The range is pretty decent...but if you're running close to others you'll want to power down to low power. The stock antenna is ok...the longer whip antenna does help a bit in really bad spots. The stock battery is fine for all day if there's not much radio chatter...a second battery is a good idea for long/more complicated stuff. There's an extended battery (twice the capacity I think) that is fine for all day or pretty much all weekend depending on radio usage....especially in low power mode.

Programming can be done off the's very straightforward once you get the hang of it. The frequently used radio frequencies are posted up.

There's lots of different headsets/mic far as I know all the *xing radios use 2 pin Kenwood stuff, which is readily available.

Personally...I like the simplicity of a simple hand mic. They're usually built tough, stupid simple to use and the wiring is kept to a minimum. Many have a 3.5mm headphone jack on them so you can run one of those clear coil tube ear buds.
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