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Battery Charge Loss Over Time

I did a search (both google and here on the forums) but I'm not turning up any related questions and answers:

About two months ago, I charged my batteries for a game that ultimately ended up getting cancelled. Since then, my batteries have been sitting around collecting dust (figuratively speaking) since school's kept me busy. However, I'm finally out on a game again this sunday (Whitby, if anybody wants to join me), and I was wondering: From full charge, how much charge loss will the batteries have suffered just sitting around for two months? If I let 'em charge for 2 hours, will that top off the lost charge? Is that too much/too little?

(Conditions: 8.4v Nickel Metal Hydride [I forget the acronym] battery, 1500Mah, stored at an estimated average of 20 degrees celcius)
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