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:smack: Yes I get it!I see the danger in the looks of thease guns,and how bad things can go if they are in the wrong hands.I think its pretty much common sense.So I try not to point out whats obvious.But people are finding thease guns.As a matter of fact many play airsoft where they shouldn't and no one knows who they are and what club they are in.But they have a gun and who the hell knows how they got one.Pisses me off too.But like i said before,show people the good side of airsoft.Afterall we are the side they never hear about because we are responsible airsofters.

And for what its worth,I wasn't suggesting recruiting paintballers.I could care less if they play.I was just pointing out that they over came the ential shock from the masses.When it first came out people thought we were out of our minds.Now its mainstream.I'm not suggesting we go mainstream but at least give people a clue.But I'm just showing a simalar path *is* being beaten down.

I respect that everyone who loves airsoft(myself included),wants to protect the sport.I'm with you all the way!But I think we sometimes are trying to prevent the worst from happening.To somehow control it.Control is a myth,
we need a form of damage control,what ever that may be?At the moment we chose to panic and post up with the idea thats its one more step to being banned ideas.I don't see anyone stepping up to the public and saying,Its just a fun game we love to play responsibly and they aren't handling it the way we promote.

I noticed that a few cities now have a place to go for "drifting"cars.The police were cracking down,and now its becoming a legitmet hobby.Far more dangerous than airsoft,but is now excepted when done in the proper location.Its just that easy as long as we work towards a higher goal for our sport.

Anyways...Just ideas
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