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Originally Posted by AlexBisnett View Post
Sorry and ive got one more question. My m16s barrel length says 510mm. And the store close to me has a 550mm. will it work with my JG m16?
That depends, does your barrel have 4cm (40mm) of clearance before it leaves your outer barrel? Otherwise it will stick out and your options are to cover it with a suppressor/flash hider, leave it as is, or have it cut and crowned by someone with a lathe and skill.

As an aside, and I'm not being judgmental, but putting a promy barrel in a JG is a bit like putting a racing exhaust on a 1990's firebird... Your money could be put in better places, like tuning your gearbox and hop up for more consistance air seal, stock barrels will do fine until those upgrades are done.

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