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Ok, so my understanding is 13ci 3000psi HPA tank to REGULATOR (still required) to Remote Coil to Magazine...

I also had another thought: Will modified magazines even be permitted at the fields I go to? At the moment I only know Adrenaline in Melbourne and their indoor field (I obviously wouldn't use a sniper there lol)

I'll have to contact Greg and ask/explain and see what he says.

Aside from that, I'm getting about 200 bucks this weekend from a pb sale, so I was thinking of putting that towards some new parts... hop-up unit, bucking, barrel, etc...

In your opinions, what should be the first thing I get?

Also, I attempted to get AV'd, talked to the guy in person, and he said he had eight other names that he hadn't gotten to upload on here. So, from my experience, not a very good first impression. I'll have to get AV'd at a field if I'm lucky enough to find an AVer at Adrenaline or something.
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