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I'm DRock. 31 years olds. I was always interested in trying airsoft but I haven't taken the plunge until recently.

I live in Calgary. I was referred to this forum by one of the local clubs, JOC.

My goal is to have a workable kit for indoor and outdoor games by the start of this summer, sooner if possible. Currently I'm halfway there, with my Cyma AKM, my TM MC51 and various other pieces of my kit.

I also have the goal of saving for and purchasing a PTW within 2-3 years.

I've signed up on this forum so I can learn more about airsoft and occasionally pick the brains the community's more experienced members. JOC has been a great help but it never hurts to get in touch with people on a national level.

In parting... glad to be aboard and I hope to maintain good relations with this forum.
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