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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
We're not the airsoft police. We don't drive up and down streets hunting for stray BBs in a blacked out van and start canvasing the neighborhood when we find one.

I'm not the parent police. I don't stand on a street corner preaching how to raise your kids.

No we are not airsoft police and we don't watch out for 'illegal' airsofters outside of the playing field. If they show up at the playing field, we should provide them with guidance and not to turn them away. If they show up with Scuba mask, just tell them that they need paintball/ballistic goggles to join the game. No one is asking you to provide them with equipments. What is the harm of them to point them to the right direction.

As for the parents, Don't they need to present to sign a wavier in order to get their kids playing?? That would be a good time to educate them about the sport and show them what their kids are getting into.. Without a place to play with their AEGs in a safe manner and to teach them the responsbility of owning AEGs, they will just use their AEG to harm their friends, family or little animals.
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