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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
That's true but at the same time you won't see the age to buy booze and cigs lowered to 12
No, but at the same time, it is legal to serve your underage child alcohol. So you end up with legal grey zones.

Like pellet guns, (and airsoft in many stores), a kid may not be able to buy it, but we all know who the parent is buying it for. Especially something like a Daisy.

Originally Posted by Aper View Post
Take your average puberty-I-don't-give-a-fuck teen and try to teach them something about safety; yeah right !
I can't add enough zeros to a +1 on that.

Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
Even sheeple can see the difference between this:
Coming from firearms before getting airsoft, I can tell you, even with the popularity of the M14 series, seasoned gun owners confuse mine with a ton of different firearms.

I bet the average airsofter knows more about how different guns look (especially military rifles) then the avarage person at a shooting range.

In airsoft there is a big deal placed on variants, customization, making that gun that is supposed to be a AK74U a correct AK74U etc just isn't done as much as you'd think on real firearms, even on the AR, most put a Aimpoint or Trijicon, or if they have a bit of extra cash a S&B and call it a day from what I see.

So no, I doubt the average person on the street can tell the difference. If anything the electric motor and gear box will make people think a airsoft AEG is a toy (like those annoying motorized light "guns") long before a paintball gun that is making loud noises that they'll confuse for gunfire.


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