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My 10 year old son was all over me to get him an airsoft gun. I started researching online and now I'm the one with 4 guns and doing Milsim's. It has been made clear to him to forget about it until he is 16 (when he can maybe attend a game with me) and that he will not have his own gun until he is 18. He listened to my reasoning and was surprisingly cool with the whole thing. For his latest birthday we took him and a bunch of his friends micro balling (smaller paintballs i think). They all had a great time and followed the rules laid out by the facility without an issue. Himself and a couple of his friends were really good at it. While a few others would need refill after refill of ammo even though they would be first out each round.
So what is the major difference between airsoft and paintball which allows minors to play? Is it all in the renting of the equipment in paintball vs. owning your own weapons in airsoft?
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