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Originally Posted by forsberg2110 View Post
Where I play we never had a problem with kids under 16 they are usually the first ones to follow the rules and try to take objectives. The main problem I see is kids between 16 and 20 years of age. These are the kids that spend all there McDonalds job money on there gun and come to the field thinking this COD. Thier gun shoots hot with high ROP and run around like Rambo going full auto on anything that moves.
I have to admit, i've had more problems with kid around 16-17 than 12-15 in paintball.

When I used to go at bigfoot, I had more fun with younger. There more willing to follow someone tactics than the older teen and they love being give orders and do milsim stuff and i'm always suprised how they are more careful with the markers too.

But the older teens normally would just insult you and do evreything they want, thinking they wont have any problems (the famous "I'm invisincible, it cant happen to me"). Note there not all like this, but just too much of them
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