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I went to a store with my buddy like a year ago and a father was looking at some airsoft rifles with his son. We went closer to hear what they where saying and all. At some point the father asked us if that gun shot hard (pointing an AK). We told him that it could make some good damage when not handled properly thus it was a 18 y/o game. We also told him his son and him could face possible lawsuits if the kid used it wrong.

The father told his son to forget about it and thanked us for our head up.

Kiddo was mad pissed at us and begged his father with no results.

I think it shows here that the problem is parents not being aware of all the possible issues since it is widely sold and we don't hear much about that sport.
If you don't want any kids in your game, you need to prevent them from getting their hands on airsoft guns. Scaring the parents is one way to do it. The kids may forget about it for a while and bug their parents to get them another toy instead.

But once the kids get their hands on an airsoft gun, whether it is a clear one or not, this will become a different issue and it is up to us to handle it.
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