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Okay guys, I need a little help here....

Talked to an "air-smith" at a nearby airsoft/paintball dealer and he said that he would never modify the gun as it would be a bomb and I quote, "Anyone who had successfully made the G96 work with HPA got extremely lucky but they wouldn't be able to do it a thousand times and get the same results."

In essence, he's saying that ANYONE who made this modification has NO CLUE what they're doing. What bothers me more is that he said that there is, and again I quote, "NO regulator that can lower the pressure from an HPA tank sufficiently to a safe level to use in airsoft. I wouldn't even TOUCH the Polar Star systems, since it's taken eight years to make and it's STILL not working right."

Furthermore, he also suggested I thread the INNER barrel to mount a flash hider. Uhh, excuse me? WHY? The inner barrel is the most critical component next to the hop-up unit, so WHY would you thread THAT to mount a STEEL flash hider? Wouldn't that put a lot of weight on the inner barrel and completely BOTCH it? Not to mention the end of the outer barrel is rounded and in my opinion looks like crap.. and that reminds me... even though he's the airsoft dealer and on of the owners... he didn't believe me when I told him the orange cap is painted on, not threaded. He was surprised when he went and looked at one himself... Come on.

Assistance would be helpful...
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