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IMO - This is all relative theory to most. For me, I rank AGM/SRC higher than most would, why? Simply put - they produce product nobody else has done. (MP40 for SRC and AGM, STG by AGM plus a few other china companies.)

Sure if you are talking about internals, that's a whole ball game. But a company as a whole? That's where I differ. Internals can always be exchanged, externals.. not so much.

Even then. Some people will swear Cyma is an awesome brand, others will always say the worst. Everybody differs slightly. Not to mention some guns are great by others and not so much by the rest.
GHK for example. Their first batch of GBB AK's were pretty craptastic, while the second batch has been pretty awesome.

A list like this, solely depends on what people are looking for and their plan for said product.

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