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I think it is called bakelite.
Yup thats the stuff. I was just drawing a blank for some reason lol

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Well its not that i dont like the jg m16, i love it. but its plastic body which i dont mind, but some people told me its not worth upgrading a cheap JG Gun. It shoots pretty solid but i would be interested in possible upgrades to improve the gun overall but have no clue what parts are good. Id even be willing to spend atleast 150 or 200 on upgrades. I already know i need a new battery and also a smart charger. its just the stock battery in the gun right now with the big connectors on it. If someone could direct me towards so decent ideas about upgrading that would be greatly appreciated.
Tightbore inner barrel.
A good hop up rubber. Maybe a whole hop up unit as well (try lonex)
You could open the gear box and stick a bearing spring guide in and reshim it. Maybe a pom piston head while your in there.
A merf 3.2 mosfet (with thisbyou can have 3rnd burst rof controol triger protection so u can go to lipo)
Change the connectors to deans for the install of the merf and just a beter connector.
Go to lipo batteries. Youll need a charger for them as well.
Your up around 200 with that stuff give or take a bit.
You can skip all that and buy a metal body for around the same price and save the other upgrades for when something breaks aside from the hop rubber and maybe a good tightbore those are two things i do to all my guns right outta the box
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Hectic....FFS start writing in coherent sentences!!!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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