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ak47 and akm are a tad different. The AKM is abit bigger and "newer" style ak where the 47 is based off the first run of the gun. If you plan on getter a new battery and charger. Most people upgrade the AKM battery to a 9.6v. A Place in the states has a 9.6v nunchuck which fits great in the gun for 29$ IT COMES WITH A 30$ smart charger as a package at the moment. I would suggest holding both styles of the gun. As a bigger guy the AKM fits perfect for me and is still a tad on the heavy side but I can move with it nicely. A friend of mine uses a G&G m4 and swears by it for a starter gun.
No its not bigger the difference is the angle of the stock and a flash hider and in more realistic airsoft versions the reciver on an akm will be riveted to resemble the real thing.
Also of note would be that a 47 should have a wood grip and a akm should have a "plastic" grip cant recall that type of plastic its called.
Real life diffrences here^

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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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