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Thats right they shouldnt bebposting links to guns outside of the av'd section.
At the OP the JG m16 you have probably shoots 400fps alrdy. Sk "mord powerfull" isnt really an option if you want to play at any games with it.
Also of note more powerfull isnt going to give you more range or accuracy.
Try heavier bbs thatll make a huge difference.
Cyma isnt any beter then JG/echo1 or G&G thise are all low/mid grade guns if you want something bete quality wise then your JG save some more money.
Think of it like a car. All tue cars in the 20-25grand range are about the same all the cars in the 50-60grand range are about the same right now in your price range you are tryin to compare hyundias to kias its all the same shit.
Save up some more cash 5-600 bucks and buy a gun in that range if you want something beter all the 2-300 doller guns will all be of simaler quality.
Buy a VFC or a TM or hell save up 3grand and buy a FCC systema.
If you keep spending 2-300 on guns youll keep getin the same quality.
What is it you dont like about the jg m16?
It is a good gun for the money i run JG echo1 and cyma guns for the most part in my arsenal and they are all good fieldable guns. Sometimes with a bit of tweaking like hop up rubbers and such
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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